1 January 2006

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MAY 2008

Must have USB virus removal tools
Having your computer infected with viruses and trojans is a frustrating experience. With the massive usage of pen drives, the viruses are having their day giggling with their kind of fun than in the past. The use of USB pen-drives and removable storage devices from one computer to another increases the rate of virus infection.

Why Gmail?
I don’t exactly remember anymore when I first had my Google offered email service. During those times, the service was available only on invitation. I still do remember my request to one of the frequent IRC chatters in DALnet to send me the Gmail preview version. I had my Gmail account probably in June or July 2004. But I rarely use the service then.

APRIL 2008

New Sister
My eldest brother got married on 11 April, 2008 at the Church of Evangelical Free Church of India (EFCI), Shillong and I got a brand new sister now. The wedding was ministered by Rev. J. Huoplien Neitham.

Typical Indians
I know not if you have notice anything similar as this when you take flights. This is what I usually observed when I fly - whenever we reach our destination, most of the passengers usually stand on queue when the plane comes to a halt (and sometimes when it hasn't). I wonder what would psychologists' say to this - impatient or desperate or ...?

MARCH 2008

Toll Free Numbers in India
A toll-free is a special telephone number where the called party is charged for the the cost of the calls instead of the caller. In India, toll-free numbers used to begin with "1600" but now the same numbers can be called using "1800". Unfortunately, most of these toll free numbers are accessible only through the BSNL and MTNL phones excluding the customer care numbers of mobile service providers.

Using the media to defame the NE people
"...It seems, spas with doctors is the next big thing. Walk into a spa which has music, scented aroma candles, but here you'll meet a professional doctor rather than a Linda from the North-East. And order for yourself a quick botox, lunchtime peel, nip-and-tuck liposuction or a nose surgery..."


Auto-resize posted images in a Wordpress-powered blog
This is so simple. I just could not believe that it could be this simple. No complex coding. No javascripting.

Carla Bruni
You probably have heard of Carla Bruni. She is the girlfriend and now wife of the present French President - Nicolas Sarkozy. The two married on February 2, 2008. It is said that this is her first marriage.

Gospel Centenary in South West Manipur
Christianity in South-West (S-W) Manipur was first introduced in the year 1910 at Senvon village in Churachandpur District. It was at this hilly village, one of the biggest Hmar villages even today, that the Welsh Missionary Mr. Watkin R Roberts came with other native missionaries from Aizawl, Mizoram to pioneer Christianity to the tribals in S-W Manipur.

How to format your typing correctly
I guess the post title is straight forward enough to speak what this post will be about.


New Year and Resolutions
Ah. Finally back in Delhi after 18 days (10 Dec–28 Dec, 2007) of refreshening travelling to Aizawl and Shillong. Happy New Year!

Screenshoot your website(s) in different web browsers
You know how to use WYSIWYG HTML Editors, how to design and code your website with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, Flash, blah blahs.

I visited Vairengte, a small town in Kolasib district of Mizoram last year in 2007. That was my first visit to Mizoram. Maybe one of these days, if I can recollect, I will try to write the experiences of my visit.

Tughlaqabad Fort
I was strolling around yesterday nearby our office in Sarvpriya Vihar, near IIT flyover in New Delhi. There is this rocky ruin which I haven't visited but always wonder of what it was.


Novels Shelf
I love reading books, especially fiction novels. I do read non-fictions sometimes. But I find fictions intriguing and exciting; they nurture and sharpens your ways of thinking with the twists and turns of the story plots.


News Content Management
Grrrr! Grrrr! I am almost done with my 'simple(?)' News Content Management, but its killing me! Can't think this or that, but that! Can't just get if off my head. This is insanity.

Food Insecurity in Tipaimukh
"Food security exists when all people, at all times, have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life." - [Food and Agriculture Organisation, FAO, 1996]


Convert and Download YouTube videos
I came across a number of not-so-techie netizens who asked me whether I know of any methods to download the videos posted at the revolutionizing media destination on the web -,

A Slippery Road; the Case of the World Bank in Mizoram
A four-day “Independent People’s Tribunal (IPT) on the World Bank Group in India” held at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi on 21-24 September, 2007 was attended by over 600 activists, students, academicians, policy analysts, lawyers and projects-affected communities across India who presented indicting evidence against the Bank in over 26 sectors.


Get them contents right on your mobile phone daily
Let me share with you this impressive mobile phone service I subscribed, for free, that keeps me up-to-date on some of the latest happenings around the world, eh, India whether you can spare the time to read the morning paper or browse the Internet. I came across their service after a friend (I can't exactly recall where it was a she or he) forwarded me an SMS sent by this mobile service.

Softwares I can't lived without
Here is a list of softwares that I use and can't 'live' without. If you haven't use them yet, you can give a go too. I hope you will also find them useful in your digitalized life.

I am the First among Zo Bloggers?
Maybe, maybe not. I think I am, or eh, rather, I should claim to be the first of the many Zo kindred bloggers we come across today on the Internet.

DMZP Freshers' Social & Rock and Roll
What do I say? It was kind of a flop event if I am to express my view on the Delhi Mizo Zirlai Pawl (DMZP) Freshers’ Social that was held at Mizoram House, Vasant Vihar on August 25, 2007.

JULY 2007

There Goes My Extra Eyes
Well, this is yet another of those unfortunate incidents in life. This has happened to me more than thrice now as far as I could recall. Just tough luck or simply carelessness could be the causes of it. Whichever it is, there is none of those “Life is Good” feeling whenever these sort of things happen and as a consequences one lose some dearly-held stuffs.

JUNE 2007

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Providers
Here is a the list VPS providers in alphabetical order (Please note that the inclusion of the provider is not a recommendation saying that they are reliable or good, it is always best to read users review on hosting reviews websites):

PageRank of Northeast India based Websites
Here are the PageRank positions of websites from Northeast India! Look which site tops the list, right now! Whooaaaaaaaaaaaah! But sad to say, the topper is not available for the past 2 months due to some major hosting issues (to be more specific - CPU Time and MySQL Conqueries) which has prohibited me from continuing the site services - for the time being.

The first CD Album Cover I designed
I am not a graphic designer. But I do like playing around with colours and retouching them photos with Photoshop. It is one those things I indulged myself in when I get bored.

MAY 2007

Quick accessing your Gmail and Yahoo! Mail
I was rather bored today. But hand it to that boringness, I discovered some hidden tricks that has something to do with the Internet that had been left undiscovered to me till then.

Some random photo shots
I am not a good photographer. Nevertheless, I like photography. I like taking shots. But it's kind of just a hobby since long back. I never thought of making career out of it.

Speeding up your Windows Startup
Many of us are impatient individuals. This unique behavior is often exposed when one starts and wait for the Windows powered Operating System to load up. Most often than not, you become frustrated with the start-up process and sometimes would like to smash the system.

Cleaning up the System Startup Registry items
In my previous post, I wrote one of the many tricks on how to customize and speed up your Windows load time. As mentioned in the previous post, this writing will be on how to cleanup those deactivated items from your MSCONFIG utility.

APRIL 2007

A larger Zolife photos
A larger size of those photos posted at Zolife photo gallery, here are some which I edited from the original(s). Other than changing the resolution, auto leveling the color and the size, I dare not touch the others. >8=)

Whiskey Lullaby
I once visit a friend's place and they were playing this song. It was my first time hearing the song being played and watched. I found this song very touching. The more so when you watch the music video.

An eye-catching hot and sexy lap dancer
The other day a friend wanted to buy a Laptop. So we made a trip to Nehru Place, a major hub of the information technology industry located in South Delhi.

R.A. Lorrain's photographs of the Mara people
I found these old photographs in an old journal by the pioneer missionary Reginald A. Lorrain "Pu Zosap". The journal "Five years in Unknown Jungles" was first published in the United Kingdom by the Lakher Pioneer Mission, London in 1912.

OMG! My Old Precious DATA BANK!
I was feeling a little awkward in the morning today (its Sunday! Off off day!), and was kind of missing the yesteryears. It happens to one or the other, then and now. It’s a general sickness I supposed, suffered by all one time or the other.


Weather Robbery
After a long break of blogging, I could now find a little time to blog some. Well, I just wanted to share and inform you that the egg price in Delhi (or just the locality I reside?) has soared so high it just make me want to write a tiny view on it.

The Sewagram Experience
Lest I forget (to keep an account of the titbits other than the ordinary everyday lifestyle in my life), let me write down and also share again a bit of my experience in and en route to my visit at Sewagram in Maharashtra.

Interview with The Girl Writer
Have you ever wondered or ever thought of a ‘Northeast’ kid writing or even selling a book? Believe it or not, but this is true. Her name is Immanuel Lalsanhim Keivom and she has written a book and that too, only at the age of 12!


Say NO to corrupted Schools!
On 04 August 2006, I got to read a message sent to a Hmar discussion group on the Internet. The 'enlightening' news posted was in regards to the appointment of government school teachers in Manipur, a much sought-after 'hot seat' that can have a strong competition with the election of an MLA or CM of Manipur and with which one can enjoy the status of a 'teacher' and the food-without-work salary without shedding much of a sweat in teaching.

My first go to a Movie Theatre in Delhi
It was on the night of August 07, 2006 that for the first time on my three-years stay in New Delhi, the wild wild capital city of India, I went to a movie theatre at PVR Priya in Vasant Vihar. I had been planning to go to a movie for a long time but then I usually end up kicking myself on the butt saying it’s a waste of time, money and energy.

Sikpui—A Festival with a Difference
As the days and months unconsciously fade away, and we near the year's end again with each passing day, we look forward to our tomorrows, planning our moves with what to do.