13 February 2007

Weather Robbery

After a long break of blogging, I could now find a little time to blog some. Well, I just wanted to share and inform you that the egg price in Delhi (or just the locality I reside?) has soared so high it just make me want to write a tiny view on it.

Early morning today (I guess for many 10 would not be considered too early), I went down to the shop to get myself eggs for breakfast. Eggs are not my crazies though. I asked for 10 rupees worth of eggs, and the shopkeeper told his helper to give me three (3) eggs.

"Three eggies only for 10 rupees?" I asked myself surprised. Curiously, I asked the shopkeeper why only three eggs? He told me, "The prices of eggs have gone up. One egg cost 3 rupees each these days" The reason, he said, is because of the climatic change (it has been raining and weather was cold and chilly) for the last 2-3 days.

I found the reason so absurd and funny. Just because it rained, the prices of eggs have to go up and up?

If not five, then four eggs for 10 rupees goes fine with me. But just three eggs? This marketting strategy, which is only determined only for profit, has to be joking. But it aint so much of a joke when you had to shell out that much money for only three eggs.

Just see, in summer it would be almost free to buy the same eggs for the same amount of money but more than six (6) eggs. This unstable fluctuation in prices of commodities cannot be termed as the strengthening of a nation's economy.

I came up with a rather stupid questioning - does the government increases and tax the market controllers as par the change in weather? I would give this marketing strategy a downright justified term 'weather robbery'.

It is truly so, and many of us are yet to grasp that our livelihood is at stake by such invisible and destructive market driven financial market. Another ugly face of globalization where markets are governed not taking into consideration the have-nots, but only for the haves.

Where does that put us - as a nation, state, local community or society? We need a stable people-friendly market where all commodities are affordable to the common man, a market driven economical policies that would ensure the different strata of society a proper livelihood, and not a profit-only driven economic policy.