18 May 2009

Wild Wild West

I was once and still am a great wild wild western movies fan. I can still recall back those days when I go to video parlours and hire western video cassettes or would watch them out of our own parlour collection multiple times. I love watching those of Clint Eastwood, Bud Spencer & Terence Hill, John Wayne, Charles Bronson, Robert Redford, just to mention a few.

These days, I don't think they make the wild west movies anymore. Or they still do? Even if they still do, I don't think it would be as good as those made during those golden years. The plot, the drama, the scene, the style, the color, the classiness -- everything would be different now.

I am also a great fan of bittorrent (rapidshare bye bye!). I download high quality DVD ripped movies of this and that from this and that torrent websites regularly. And a week back, I chance upon an old western movie that I had watched during my childhood and teen days. I downloaded it, and realised there may also be quite a number of them in the torrent world to download. I began searching them wild west movies and now I have downloaded and collected around 10 of them. And yeh, more of them are in queue too. Lol. To my surprise, they are of high quality rips. How I love watching them movies. =)

If you are a great fan of the wild wild western movies, look them up at some of the popular torrent websites and search engines such as,,, etc. You will find more of them at

Have a great time. ;-) And yeh, thanks to all those who uploaded them.

For those new to bittorent and how download torrent files, here is a simple guide.

1. Download a bittorent client. []
2. Install it in your computer.
3. Go to any of the above mentioned torrent websites. For eg., lets go to
4. Type the movie or song you want to download. For eg. I type "Once upon a time in the west". A list of links will be listed (Remember not all of them are genuine and also you need to be careful not to download viruses, especially in the case of softwares, etc).
5. Look for the highest Seeds/Seeders. In, the Seeds/Seeders are noted as SE. The more seeders, the faster the download. ;-) Also, when you are going to select which torrent you are planning to download, look for a DVDRipword in the title of the file. Or/And read the comments!
6. I selected and clicked this.
7. Once the page loads up, look for the word - Download this torrent. Click that.
8. Your bittorrent client will ask you for the permission to download the torrent.
9. If you want to, select the Open with bittorent and click Ok. The others are self explanatory. The files/movies will be downloaded in your My Documents > Download directory (you can change this option too by looking up at the preferences.
10. After the download is finished, enjoy your movie!!