28 April 2007

R.A. Lorrain's photographs of the Mara people

I found these old photographs in an old journal by the pioneer missionary Reginald A. Lorrain "Pu Zosap". The journal "Five years in Unknown Jungles" was first published in the United Kingdom by the Lakher Pioneer Mission, London in 1912.

I scanned these photos from the First Indian Reprint 1988 published and printed by Spectrum Publications, Guwahati on behalf of Tribal Research Institute, Aizawl, Mizoram.

The book "Five years in Unknown Jungles" is a 264-pages journal of five-year of the pioneer missionary "Pu Zosap" among the Lakher (Mara) tribe. The journal give an insight into the role of the Lakher Pioneer Mission and the development of the Mara people.

The Maras (formerly known as the Lakher) are indigenous peoples located in northeastern India, primarily in the Mara Autonomous District Council of the state of Mizoram (India). The Maras are also found living in the south-eastern part of Myanmar, in Chin State and Rakhine State which border the district. They were earlier known as the Lakher by outsiders, and the new name Mara was included in List of Scheduled Tribes in Mizoram state in 1988 replacing the older name. (~ Wikipedia)

I hope these valuable old photos will be of great help to those interested in the Mara people and the earlier era of their embracing Christianity, as detailed by the pioneer himself.


Samrakshan-Mizoram said...

hi.. i am nimesh.. based at saiha since more than a year .. working on issues focussing on wildlife conservation.. have read the book "5 yearsin amazing jungles" and will really appreciate if you could send me the to details of our efforts is look forward to you email .. thanks a lot..