29 April 2007

OMG! My Old Precious DATA BANK!

I was feeling a little awkward in the morning today (its Sunday! Off off day!), and was kind of missing the yesteryears. It happens to one or the other, then and now. It’s a general sickness I supposed, suffered by all one time or the other.

And so, feeling how I felt, I rummaged some of the old things (artifacts eh?) that I brought along with me from Shillong to Delhi. Wait a minute (an after thought), not to genderised it to be an issue but I think malekind has the more tendency to fall in love with their old stuffs (or I am wrong?). I have heard lots of femalekind complaining of their hubby(s) and boys hobby in dirting the storerooms, rooms and where-not. Heh. Boys are boys!

Anyway, as I wanted to travel light (yet another malekind syndrome again, oops!), I brought along only those special ones. And as I ransacked them precious old things, there it was – my old DATA BANK (Data Organiser)!

I love gadgets then and also now too, but not the crazy types of love addictions though. So I bought this CASIO DATA BANK DC-2000 when I was in Class 11/12 (mid 90s) with my hard-earned savings of three-hundred (300) rupees if I am not wrong. It had been a long time back and I don’t have that good memory in the head.

I was a newsboy during those years and used to distribute newspapers for a profit of 25-50 paise per paper in the morning just before hurrying for my classes in College. I continued my small business till the last few months before shifting my base to Delhi in 2003, after my graduation.

Getting back to my Data Organiser, it could store telephone and fax numbers, memos, conversion tools and calculator. Oh yes, it also has a password-protected feature as well. Heh. But it wasn’t that hi-fi or high-memory data organizer. But I have to admit this – it had been a really helpful gadget to me and I treasured it a lot.

Retrieving something which is close to you in the past does sure put a smile on a face; bring back memories of good times and also happiness along with it.

Okay copycats, don’t you scurry off to peep at your old stuffs like I just did. LMAO.


virgochhas said...

I personally don't think malekind has the more tendency to fall in love with old stuffs...

I, for one, hate to part with my old clothes, old bags, old books ...old wateva.. :)

4 years after my graduation, i still haf some of my shirts which I wore when I was in my 11th ... *hihihihi*

Lalremlien Neitham said...

oh yeah.. you doesn't mean all the malekind, you know. If you do a statistical research you would be surprised to find that more of the malekind do has the tendency to fall in love with their old stuff than the femalekind. lol. i wonder if anybody has ever done this kind of stuffs. Maybe some of those in the US have done it again? haha. :-P