12 May 2007

Quick accessing your Gmail and Yahoo! Mail

I was rather bored today. But hand it to that boringness, I discovered some hidden tricks that has something to do with the Internet that had been left undiscovered to me till then.

It is often that new discoveries are made incidentally. Many would argue on that point.

But then experience is more of what is newly discovered which you haven’t known about it yet. Many would argue with me on that again.

So, what have I discovered this time round? Okay, I was bored. As checking email is sort of any addiction already now (I don’t get lots of junks or those personal emails. But I do get lots of those discussion mailing lists – listserv – which I subscribed and receive at least 50 of them lots everyday and always try to find myself time to read it). So I told myself, let me check my Gmail~ (Maybe one of these days, I should write something on Gmail).

I Firefoxed (my favourite browser until the next one arrives to beat it) up. I don’t really know what came over me then. I was curious (past experiences or maybe because of the boredom) to what would happen if I typed ‘g’ in the URL address bar of the browser.

So I did just that. I typed ‘g’ and pressed the Enter key. Yeh, yeh, I know you already know this old trick. If you don’t yet, I am ahead of you.

After pressing the Enter key, I was directed right to Gmail (!

Now that surely makes life more simple and one’s Internet time more exciting I should say.

I use Gmail and an old timer in email services – Yahoo! Mail extensively for my mailing needs. So what did I do next? It’s obvious.

I typed ‘y’ again in the URL address bar and Enter. Viola! It got me directly directed to Yahoo! Email login box (!

Don’t try this with IE though. I haven’t tested the same trick with IE 7 or any other browser – it may or it may not work. That’s for you to find out.


illusionaire said...

Can I add you to my list of Zo bloggers directory?

Lalremlien Neitham said...

suar, no probs, n thank you. you got a gr8 blog too.