19 May 2007

Some random photo shots

I am not a good photographer. Nevertheless, I like photography. I like taking shots. But it's kind of just a hobby since long back. I never thought of making career out of it. There goes the reason for not doing any photography course. But heck! if you have that creativity in you, anybody can be a great photographer. Come to think of it -- I don't have much of me in my album. I don't have an album either. LMAO. Okay, I am sharing some of the random shots with my NIKON Coolpix 4800 Digital Camera. You can find the bulk of my digital photo shots from Flickr.

Second Floor Office Stairs

Reading and Writing

My Messy Book Shelf

You got the Royal Challenge!

Road to Mohammadpur

Road to Mohammadpur

Green Park Red Light on way to Yusuf Sarai

Traffic Jam near Green Park