3 August 2007

Get them contents right on your mobile phone daily

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated (except as a subscriber) with the mobile service company I am blogging about.

Let me share with you this impressive mobile phone service I subscribed, for free, that keeps me up-to-date on some of the latest happenings around the world, eh, India whether you can spare the time to read the morning paper or browse the Internet. I came across their service after a friend (I can't exactly recall where it was a she or he) forwarded me an SMS sent by this mobile service.

I did not know what kind of services they provide but had seen their SMS in other friends' mobile phone inbox (not through peeping though). What I did after that then was Google them out their website. I read their services and also, ummm, their privacy policy (always do this lest you don't want to be bombarded by ads and calls from other companies).

I followed the instruction posted in their WAP-supported website on how to receive their services in my mobile phone, more out of curiosity then. After a week or so, I found them to be quite impressive and genuine. I don't get SMS junks or calls from unknown companies looking for customers except from my mobile network who kept on sending me unsolicited SMSes and computer recorded calls (I once rough-shod a lady 'customer care' executive when I was busy in the office and her call came).

Many of you would probably know which mobile service I am talking about if you are already a subscriber to their service. Many of you may have not. For those bitten by the curiosity bug, try out the free services of MyToday, which calls itself as an India-centric mobile internet portal. They will send you News Headlines, Jokes, Bible Verses, Words, Horoscope, Quiz, and what not, everyday. I have the feeling - rather than getting agitated with your SMS beeps - you will love and get addicted to their services like I already am. They provide their fabulous services only to mobile phone users in India. MyToday is an initiative of Mumbai-based Netcore Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Always the curious one, their services got me to thinking - how could they financially manage to send SMSes to thousands of subscribers with almost (?) no ads in their SMSes at all. Maybe they have their own SMS servers. But that would need a huge amount of finances. Sometimes I would say - they are rich guys and just want to serve others with the money they already piled up through some other business they ran. And sometimes - they got a good sponsor maybe, who have huge pockets. Also sometimes - maybe they tried out some and found a reliable and dedicated server out of the supposedly free SMS servers that Google listed when you goggled for such and such keywords. I am still without any probable and right answer. I even sent an inquiry to them once regarding my curiosity. Haha. I receive no replies though. :-S

Maybe someday I might. In the meantime, I just got to bask in their great service. My wish for them is that they do not get bankrupt, die and vanish like many start-ups. And the prayers to them? Don't charge for the free service in the (not near but) future or compromise the privacy of your subscribed mobile users. Keep rocking with your service guys!

For wanna subscribers to their services, you can get their daily SMS updates by doing the following (I am showing the example of only the topic I subscribed. To get the full listing of their SMS updates topic, go to the MyToday SMS section):


1. start news
2. start jokes
3. start quiz
4. start bible
5. start word


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