13 July 2007

There Goes My Extra Eyes

Well, this is yet another of those unfortunate incidents in life. This has happened to me more than thrice now as far as I could recall. Just tough luck or simply carelessness could be the causes of it. Whichever it is, there is none of those “Life is Good” feeling whenever these sort of things happen and as a consequences one lose some dearly-held stuffs.

I had been four-eyed with glasses since my teen, maybe after I was freshly out of school. That probably was in 1996. Ten years wearing extra eyes sort of get me hooked to it, almost like a very old old man. As times pass by, it has somewhat become an inseparable part of me – an insignia of me. It sometimes felt like it is one part of my body. I am never without it unless going to bed or reading or writing. Although I assume it to be part of my body, I felt it dispensable during those mentioned occasions. Those are when I often left it lying around somewhere in the messy room, only to be searched amok when in need of it. Messiness and absentmindedness does not go along too well with each other indeed. Ouch!

However precious I may felt of it, it was around 11-12 last night when I broke my glasses. Maybe I needed new glasses as I wasn’t that comfortable with the very thin-rimmed glasses whose screws often get loose and required to be tightened every now and then so that it does not sha-ka-la-ka on the bridge of the nose, ever ready to fall off. The two extra eyes were only three-months old. I bought it in Shillong, for Rs. 1300+ (that’s rather expensive I believe) when I went home last April, after breaking the previous six-months or so old glasses while trying to re-angle the crooked frame. I broke (technically, not me) the previous’ previous while trying to untangle a friends’ brawl when one of them griped my glasses and three it on the floor – in anger (for my interference?). Bah! So much for trying to be a Switzerland! And so a lesson was well learnt.

To get back to the goodbye session of my last glasses – it was around that mentioned time last night. The room (also the building and locality) was in darkness. Thunder and rain was most likely the cause for the power failure. I was lying in my bed on the floor (with my glasses taken off), playing with the Nokia 1100i phone – sending SMS jokes and intentionally arguing with SMS friends (favorite pastime. Har Har). After a short while, the electricity was thankfully restored. I then thought, now I am going to shoot dead those bad guys in the “Hidden and Dangerous” PC Games. This is the one and only PC Games I get myself involved with, otherwise, I am not into PC Games. It surely does get very irritating when you are the one who get shot – bleeding, moaning and swirling on the ground in pain, lay motionless and die – again and again by those b@st#rds! But the excited thoughts were very short-lived. I had forgotten all about the glasses lying carelessly on the side in the bed. And now I need to get brand new glasses very soon with already a tight budget for the month! Whoa! Whoa!

Look at this – this is what I did to my poor and dear extra eyes:


illusionaire said...

Haha! Hello to a four eyed brother from another :)

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