11 February 2008

Carla Bruni

You probably have heard of Carla Bruni. She is the girlfriend and now wife of the present French President - Nicolas Sarkozy. The two married on February 2, 2008.

The cozy pair made much news in the media wherever they went together, also when not together. Likewise as in other parts of the world, following the trend, loud noises were made in the Indian media when Sarkozy was planning to visit India and be the Guest at this year’s Republic Day, uselessly. As if there are no other important headlines to be covered.

Carla Bruni is also a songwriter, singer, guitarist and supermodel. Iaauu! And know what? She got the looks and a curvy figure too. She is beautiful though she is now 40. What a combination she has molded herself with. I don't think there are many with such blending. And I tell you, her music and vocal are more beautiful.

I first chanced to listen to her songs at a friend's place while editing Delhi Thurawn, a tiring weekly work every weekend.

Carla Bruni vocal and music are very soothing even if the songs are in French. Her second album is in English though. I bet the lyric are also good as well, like her music. I like her vocal; it’s so original, unique, whispery, dryly sweet and so very sexy. I have completely fallen in love with her husky voice. I am just damn jealous of Sarkozy. What a lucky guy!

I now have two of her albums:

Quelqu'un M'a Dit


No Promises

through PirateBay [big apology to her].

If you haven't listen to her yet, go get it. I am telling you, you will get bowled over before you realize.

Here is Carla Bruni's official website:


illusionaire said...

hehehe... the media portrayed her as a man-eater. Dunno what to believe in these days...

Please bring the album (or on a pen drive) the next time you come to 9A please. Am looking forward to listening to it.

Lal said...

She might or might not be, as you say, it is difficult to know what to believe or what not in this day of the paparazzi. However her voice is stopping me from taking interests on those portrayals.

Don't know if it would be your kind of music but when I come over there in 9A (one of these days), I will try to remember to bring the downloaded mp3s along (I am getting forgetful at this age!!)

I will bring along your copy of Pu Lal Dena's book too (Hope I remember). *grins*

Jerusha said...

I think Sarkozy is hot, Bruni's a lucky girl, not because she is beautiful and can write songs and sing as well, but because she's got Sarkozy :P

Lal said...

Ha ha. I don't find Sarkozy hot at all. Saying that, I don't find guys hot at all. :-)) I say Sarkozy is lucky. I bet he is thanking his lucky stars all the time. :-P His facial features kinda look similar -- with Rambo? Don't you think so? Is it because of that? :-D

Oh he was drunk at a press conference! Watch him. :-P

Awzzman said...

oh she`s a songwriter,singer?that`s incredible.....!!!

Lal said...

Oh yeh. Should I also add that she is also a musician, a composer and a guitarist? :-o She composed all the songs in her "Quelqu'un m'a dit" debut album.

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