15 February 2008

Gospel Centenary in South West Manipur

Christianity in South-West (S-W) Manipur was first introduced in the year 1910 at Senvon village in Churachandpur District. It was at this hilly village, one of the biggest Hmar villages even today, that the Welsh Missionary Mr. Watkin R Roberts came with other native missionaries from Aizawl, Mizoram to pioneer Christianity to the tribals in S-W Manipur.

The local people fondly gave Watkin R Roberts the name “Pu Sap Tlangval” as he was a young man (24 years) when he first came into contact with the natives of the area.

Watkin R Roberts made the journey from Aizawl to Senvon by foot, reaching his destination on Saturday, 5 February, 1910. He was visiting Senvon in response to a request made by the Senvon Village Chief Lal Kamkholun who asked him to come to his village and explain in detail, the Book of John, which was translated by Roberts in Lushai and dispatched to him through a traveler who visited Aizawl in 1909.

As the Church denominations in Manipur are now preparing grounds to celebrate the advent of Christianity in South West Manipur in 2010, I was also requested to design a logo for a Gospel Centenary Souvenir.

The Souvenir entitled “THUKNA ROPUI” (AMAZING DEEP), which is in its initial stage of being prepared for publication, is slated to be released at the Gospel Centenary (100 years) Celebration in Senvon village on February 5, 2008.

I am not a graphic designer by professional or do much of graphic works. This handicap took some of my time to come up with an idea of a Gospel Centenary Logo. I also had to keep in mind the relevancy of the elements attached in the logo and whether it goes along with the theme or not.

After playing around with two or three graphic editing tools, below is the logo I came up with in a day (add 2-4 days for reviews by others with some – this and there – modifications and final touches).


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