27 August 2007

DMZP Freshers' Social & Rock and Roll

What do I say? It was kind of a flop event if I am to express my view on the Delhi Mizo Zirlai Pawl (DMZP) Freshers’ Social that was held at Mizoram House, Vasant Vihar on August 25, 2007. Maybe the DMZP leaders can shed light on why the Students’ body ID Cards were issued only on that day and not before that? And why those without ID cards were not allowed to enter the event’s premises.

It is possible that many who are not or do not want to be members of DMZP would also like to attend the event. Does it meant that the Freshers’ Social was intended only for DMZP registered members? And what about for those unknown guests, who are not freshers anymore? There is something amiss here which can be properly scrutinized to better the students’ body and its relationship with still studying students and those not studying anymore.

What I also do not understand is the feast (?). I wonder - what if sometimes the people who come to the event is so huge that the prepared feast is insufficient to meet the stomach of the feasters. This is quite possible because it will be unpredictable to know how many are going to come. The unpredictable can be predicated if membership fee or feast money (?) is collected before the actual event.

And also again – something about the freshers’ social event. I take it that the event had been organised mainly for the freshers. But there was no introduction of the freshers on the stage. Of course, the programme leaflet does not have the time for such. The reason I probably think is because that event starts only at 6:00 PM. One friend who is also a fresher was sort of dejected because of that. It was a different style of a freshers’ day for him probably – the freshers’ meets he attended in the past always had an occasion where freshers’ were summoned on the stage and introduced to all the participants of the event. It was kind of flop for him, as well as for me. However, in the second session, four of the freshers were called out and were asked to recite ‘difficult’ sentence from a piece of paper. But that did not compensate for the ‘usual’ freshers’ introduction at the stage.

Before the event I asked the DMZP leaders – how many freshers are there this year. The answer was – around 150-200 or more. However, it was disheartening that the freshers who attended the event numbers around only 20-30. I guess there is something missing here too which needs to be 'attended' properly. Ah, and yes, meritorious awardees numbers only 4! Serious issue huh? But ye, the second session’s rock and roll part more or less say it all, almost. I noticed that almost all are good in shaking our legs, hands, body and heads. But ye, it was fun and it was an event worth a place in the memory of a lifetime. Thanks to the BOOMARANG!

Below are some of the pictures I took at the event.


illusionaire said...

From my sources, I heard that there are no more such Fresher's introduction because such type of introductions always lead to ragging, and to prevent that, the whole introduction phase have been left out, as the freshers will get a chance to know the seniors any way in the upcoming days. Ragging another fellow human being is an extremely degrading and inhuman act to commit, and is definitely un-Mizo-like.

Lal said...

Well if such is the excuse where introduction of the freshers is being interpreted into ragging, I guess the four freshers (three female and one male) who were called upfront were also 'ragged'. As such, though it was then meant to prevent ragging with the exclusion of the introductory phase, it was nevertheless unprevented. Of course it is understandable and agreed that ragging should be discouraged, but such introductory should not be translated into ragging. The conductors/introductioners should know their limitation in introducing the freshers to those who attended such events.

diary said...

The DMZP did away with entries without membership a looong time ago. There used to be undiscriminated entries before, it's become quite an exclusive DMZP-members' thing now. They also used to have a refreshment stall with beer etc. But the party would usually end with a big fight. So you can't really blame the DMZP chiefs for the change. They did use to have some introduction of sorts for the freshers. Don't really know their reason for stopping it. Everybody's so law-conscious these days, with the SC saying ragging is a crime, maybe the DMZp wants to avoid a law suit, who knows? hehe. And it was nice to see your pics, brings back memories :)

Emmanuel Zama said...

Wish i could comment.. lolzz! but i wont.. ill just keep quiet for now.. WE had good reasons y we did that and if anyone is not happy with it, its fine.. at least we had a Trouble-Free nite!! hehe!! BTW, U Lal, I van lo lam thiam ve ooo!! kan lam pahin kan lo en che aa!! i Zei darh2 hle mai!!

Lal said...

Lol. thats quite a thing - stall with beers :-D of course... it is undeniable that such party and festive often end up in fights.. its not a new thing amongst only shows how uncultured lot we remain..and how we cannot still control ourselves when we get a little bit is true we often flaunt on how mighty we are in such situation... the blog post was in a way intended to encourage such comments where we can address our societal issues and how we can bring about a much progressive debate and dialogue within our society, which is, unfortunately absent.

Lal said...

oh trouble free nite? thats what we are really concern about it isn't? but we never try to understand and try to make a change isn't? making changes is what we are always afraid... it have been around and we know it... its affecting us... we play with it.. we get engulfed by it... and thats what makes me cry (not in tears as you might expect or try to believe?).. but in desperation... with what is going on in our limited understanding... and yes, when do we become trouble-free from such thing? okay, lets talk about the liquor prohibition in Mizoram? am not a hard drink, but i drink... and so how many percent of us those in Delhi drinks? and how much of us don't? lets remagined reality! there is a need for it! and as a responsible individual or organization we cannot just say, "if anyone is not happy with it, thats fine". it only shows our immaturity.

-- lam lam hehehe....pu ngtv lam dan lo chuan ka lam thiam ve leuss...hehehe

Anonymous said...

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