4 August 2006

Say NO to corrupted Schools!

On 04 August 2006, I got to read a message sent to a Hmar discussion group on the Internet. The 'enlightening' news posted was in regards to the appointment of government school teachers in Manipur, a much sought-after 'hot seat' that can have a strong competition with the election of an MLA or CM of Manipur and with which one can enjoy the status of a 'teacher' and the food-without-work salary without shedding much of a sweat in teaching.

Heck! Who would not go for that sort of 'facility' you will receive? I guess only a paltry few would not fall for such great a temptation. I do not know how true the news I received and read was. Whatsoever, one cannot help to somehow believe in it, taking into account the open secret that flies every now and then of the teacherless schools-turned-cowsheds.

It is being said and 'rumored' that many of the wannabe teacher candidates are running helter-skelter looking for money crossing the five digits numbers to 'donate' to officials who may in turn be able to 'reward' them with the all-famous teacherhood that everybody seems to be running after.

Our society has been engulfed into such a pitiful state that we do not care a damn of the respectable status of a Teacher. The absentee of our humane conscience is destroying the fabric of our society and its a shame we do not care even a pinch.

It is understandable for the wannabe teacher candidates to some extend as they can be said to be compelled to do what they are doing. But that can itself turn to be merely an excuse which will further deteriorate our society to encourage corruption which has cruelly, not only destroying, but also taking away the soul and life of our society.

What that is called for today, is a re-looking of our inner-self and to remake and redeem our deteriorated society. Let us NOT encourage corruption and the breaking apart of our societal values and norms which are still free, in a way, from corruption.

Corruption will not only destroy us, but also our family, and our very near and dear ones. Think about it. Do you really want that to happen? A broken family without pride?

As for myself, I prefer to suffer. Whatever it takes and demands of you, SAY NO TO CORRUPTION! It is the only realistic-way to fight CORRUPTION!