2 January 2008

New Year and Resolutions

Ah. Finally back in Delhi after 18 days (10 Dec–28 Dec, 2007) of refreshening travelling to Aizawl and Shillong. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year… now… that makes me realized that I haven’t made my resolution “not-compulsorily-to-be-followed” for the year 2008. What would they/that be? Something that’s good or bad? Eh? Can one’s New Year resolution be good or bad? Now, that I think is an interesting question.

Thinking it loud, a New Year resolution(s) ought to be personal. But judging by how this “good or bad” prick is interfering in the “personal” business – I have my doubt whether New year resolutions, which we think are good, are all good at all.

After all, if we say that there are always good or bad in everything [black or white, negative or positive], then the same can be applied for New Year resolutions. But who is going to be the judge for this?

Not myself. How can I be?

If I made the resolutions myself then how can the resolutions be bad? They are good in my view, and thus the good factor becomes the valid reason for my having them as my resolution(s) in the first place.

I wonder next – is there any New Year Resolutions Consultant(s) [NYRC] across the globe? Who knows? There might already be, or may not be yet. The web’s God – Google - doesn’t seem to come across one. Although, there are tips. But there is no decider on whether the resolution is good or bad.

As [or if] there is none yet, the idea of a NYRC can turn out to be a profitable consultancy job. Or otherwise, it can also be a very valuable social service for volunteers who can point out others’ resolution(s) to be either a good or bad one and thus makes our world a better place to live.

At the same time, it can also be a flip-flop. Looking at the popular trend on how most of us disastrously bend our New Year resolutions, it can also be a time-wasting approach similar to that of having useless New Year resolutions that we, most often, do not fulfill.

That leads us back to square one – on whether New Year resolution(s) can be good or bad.

New Year resolutions should be left personal even if they are a pain in the neck for others. In any case, it matters you more than it matters others. Saying that – here is/are my New Year resolution(s) for year 2008:

To get rich in money matters by whatever means for flaunting it around to get to places and also to have at least six brand new girlfriends for the year.


I like the little devil in me! And the funny twisting of ideas and views I wrote which wasn’t there when I plan to write something in the first place.

So, what do you say to my New Year resolution? Good or bad? Reasons, please.


virgochhas said...

uih em mai....6 brand new gf's lolzzzzzz

best O luck


Lal said...

:-)) vc, you are already on queue!? ouch!