7 November 2007

Novels Shelf

I love reading books, especially fiction novels. I do read non-fictions sometimes. But I find fictions intriguing and exciting; they nurture and sharpens your ways of thinking with the twists and turns of the story plots. They also let you escape from stresses and worries. The novels I list below are not all of my favorites, but that I have bought and collected in my shelf (I might missed out some). I have intentionally left out Louis L'Amour and Sidney Sheldon novels as they are quite a collection. I like reading mystery & thriller, conspiracy, spy, western fictions. They are, without doubt, very addictive.

The Narrows Night Over Water by Ken Follett Mexico_Set by Len Deighton
Daddy The Edge of Honor Contagion
The Last Days Tides of War Paradise Lost
The Chancellor Manuscript The Godfather Certain Prey
The Bourne Legacy Fools Die Monster
The Aquitaine Progression The Man from St. Peterburg Kane & Abel
The Covenant of the Flame Breach of Duty Storming Intrepid
Something to Die For Jackdaws The Russia House
Dream Catcher Winter House A Question of Blood
The Lazarus Vendetta Jurassic Park Timeline
The Lost World Prey Executive Orders
The Sum of All Fears Debt of Honor Net Force


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