19 October 2007

News Content Management

Grrrr! Grrrr! I am almost done with my 'simple(?)' News Content Management, but its killing me! Can't think this or that, but that! Can't just get if off my head. This is insanity. This is a murderer! This is a betrayer, a robber! Robbed me of my sleep. Robbing me of my morantic self. Robbing me of my peace and what not? Argh. But this is for the good. Whatever.

Here is the Publish News preview:

Here is the News Item View:


maximus said...

hey. dude. nice work.
The CMS sounds really cool. Just curious whether you build the thing from scratch or uses the open source tools. coz i feel like that. if not dont mind. Keep it up!

Lal said...

hi maximus, thanks for your comment. I have been wanting to develop this for quite a long time. But it is only now that I am forcing myself to do it. To your curiosity, it is built from scratch and not by using any of those open source CMS you find around (I do use the open source PHP, MySQL, Apache, TinyMCE, etc softwares and scripts to develop this). Open source CMS are great, but our excessive use of them is affecting and depriving us of our skills and creativity. This content management I am developing will not be as great as those you found or might have used, but I am hoping that it will serve me the way I want it.