3 March 2008

Using the media to defame the NE people

"...It seems, spas with doctors is the next big thing. Walk into a spa which has music, scented aroma candles, but here you'll meet a professional doctor rather than a Linda from the North-East. And order for yourself a quick botox, lunchtime peel, nip-and-tuck liposuction or a nose surgery..."

Full Story: Spa with a difference, ToI

The under-the-line statement of the bolded phrase is very clear. What the writer actually meant is this – people from the North East who works at Spas are unprofessional and cheap and could be indulging in dirty businesses.

Was there any need to include that? Is the story, in anyway, related to the Northeast? Another stunt of an unknown journalist? What the heck is the Editor of Times of India allowing that sort of comment in the story?

This is yet another defamation and insult to the North East people - using the ever increasing irresponsible Indian media. In cases such as this, involving the News media which claims to use the 'freedom of speech', as a tool to discriminate races and colors, are there any ways to file defamation suits against them?

The authorities need to look into these matters, as cases of abusing the media is increasing against the NE people.


Awzzman said...

khawvel hi a ninawm e....

Anonymous said...

YEAAAGGHHH!! who the heck are those people anyway.. saying NE ppl are lousy and... what else... (*wait... let me go read your post again) ah... there it is.. YEAAGGHHH!! (speechless)

(duh') hehehe.. just trying to agree with your post (seems obvious eh) duh'