28 May 2008

Must have USB virus removal tools

Having your computer infected with viruses and trojans is a frustrating experience. With the massive usage of pen drives, the viruses are having their day giggling with their kind of fun than in the past. The use of USB pen-drives and removable storage devices from one computer to another increases the rate of virus infection.

Sometimes even if you say that you cleaned it either by top of the line anti-virus softwares (most of the time they do not even detect them) or by formating the pen-drive itself, the infected pen-drive failed to heal. Pen-drive viruses are a pain in the ass, a really stubborn lot. Pen-drive manufacturers should introduce an in-built anti-virus system in their future pen-drives as a mean to fight the virus menace that affects their products and the end-users. Though I suppose the virus, trojan and spyware creators would still find an ingenious way to wreck the life of computer users.

Whatever. Here are some USB removal tools you should have without fail. They actually worked to heal your computer system.

Use the tools at your own risk. I am not to be blamed in any way for any system failure and disaster after you use the tools.

1. Flash Drive Worm Removal Tool
Enfal, Fujacks, Taga-Lipa Are, Ravmone, Strawberry, YM Virus, Zinblog and Flash Drive Cleaner.


2. Kinza Removal Tool
Kinza virus makes the computer slow, restrict Task Manager, Regedit, CMD, Msconfig, Group, makes the Folder Options to be disabled from Windows Explorer, hides hidden files, extracts itself and create lot of exe, dll, boot.vbs files.

  • Download the Kinza.exe Virus Removal Tool.
  • Turn off the System Restore point.
  • Restart the computer the computer in Safemode.
  • Double click and run the tool.
  • Delete temp file and internet temp file.
  • Restart the computer.

The removal tool first kills these processes:
wproxp.exe, isetup.exe, imapd.exe, dxdlg.exe, imapdb.exe, imapd.exe, imapdb.exe, scvvhsot.exe, wscript.exe, Kinza.exe

And then deletes the following files:
boot.vbs, wproxp.exe, isetup.exe, imapd.exe , ActMon.ini, dxdlg.exe, imapde.dll, imapdd.dll, imapdc.dll, imapdb.exe, imapd.exe, imapdb.dll, imapdb.exe, Kinza.exe, autorun.ini

It also restores some registry settings and policies to their default.

3. Smart Anti-virus
This anti-virus tool removes the following viruses:, im.worm.win32.sohanad.t.a, Trojan.Win32.Agent.abt.a, Trojan-Downloader.Win32.AutoIt.aa.a, Trojan-Downloader.Win32.AutoIt.q.a,,, (Ravmon), Virus.Win32.AutoIt.a.a, Virus.Win32.AutoRun.abt.a (Smss or Funny Scandal),

It also removes problems caused by these viruses:
  • Disabling of Task Manager, Registry Editor, Command Prompt, Folder Options
  • Reg and vbs file opening problem
  • Folder Options show Hidden files and Folders Problem
  • No Search Option Problem

  • Download the Smart Anti-Virus tool
  • Run the Setup
  • Launch the tool from the Tray.
  • Run and scan from the options.

4. W32.USB Worm (Heap41a) Removal
This virus copy itself to removable drives and USB pen drives. The worm will attempt to create a hidden file Autorun.inf on the removeable drive and copy itself to the removeable drive as MicrosoftPowerPoint.exe. It monitors internet browser activities, blocks, and mozilla fireox and then display the following messages:

* “Orkut is BANNED you fool, The adminstrators didn’t write this program guess who did??”

  • Download the removal tool Worm-fix.
  • Run the tool
  • Click Remove
BTW, if you haven't try this out, download Ewido Micro Scanner and scan your system. Its free.

In addition, if you identify which virus/trojan/worm is infecting your system you can get free and lightweight virus removal tools (which are quite effective than the heavy anti virus softwares provided) from these major anti-virus softwares developers:

Recommended Anti-Virus:


illusionaire said...

Very very useful post indeed! Especially when I saw the dreaded KINZA! :-))

Awzzman said...

thanks for the post!! Virus hi cu trih a um ta luo...

Kampret Nyasar said...

Very insightful indeed.., I may try some links provided.. Thanks!

ALEXXfender said...

Nangmah khan 'Virus kal thei' i nih kha..

Alex said...

You should check IKill, runs in the system tray and deletes any Autorun.inf and the exes linked to it, in hardrives and flashdrives.

kateharrison said...

Type of bugs that can damage and ruin my computer.
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Vryand said...

Worm-fix.exe = Virus identified Worm/Autoit.JUV

Vryand said...

Worm-fix.exe = Virus identified Worm/Autoit.JUV

Julia Robert said...

Thanks for sharing this nice post. Through best antivirus you can remove this kind of virus.

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