30 June 2008

Free for girls, fee for boys

Well, the same old story is making the rounds again. This time - about a Naga girl from Northeast India who had been prohibited from entering Urban Pind, a bar at Greater Kailash I, New Delhi on an Expat night. The reason for the prohibition being cited was - she didn't have a good profile. I wonder what profile does one need to be granted entry to a bar/pub. I do not frequent a bar. In my 5 years in Delhi, I had been to a bar/pub only twice. I don't even remember their (bar/pub) names (what's the difference between a bar and a pub?). And I don't like what I see very much in those bars (I saw dirty things which I wasn't supposed to see - I saw some beautiful 'Mizo' girls too). Neither the music. Maybe I went on unlucky nights. :-D

The good thing that came out from latest Naga girl case is that the bar have been served a legal notice by the Naga Lawyers Guild, Delhi. I see a new trend evolving from the incident on fighting for our rights - fight them with our legal rights.

And you know what? I find it ridiculous that there are entry fees for males and entry free for girls (some friends tells me that some bars/pub don’t…but I don’t know…I am not a bar/pub frequent). Such gender discriminations! But the sad thing is that many of us (especially feminist' groups) have not realise the underlined insult on females by granting them free passes.

Why are females not charged like the males? The only reasons I can think up of is that females are considered cheap, have loose characters, are bar/pub hungry, etc and so the right reasons that they are granted free entry to pubs and bars. I consider the entry setup a bit too discriminating and humiliating for females (even if some do not feel so and take advantage of the free passes). I feel that both sexes should either be charged entry fees or should not be charged at all, irrespective of sexes.

I once received an SMS ad inviting me to a bar/pub with some DJs playing and an accompanying text informing that it’s free for females. I replied, if it is free for males then I will most probably be coming. No replies. :-D


benjamin rualthanzauva said...

I know some pubs in Chennai have ladies night - entry free for ladies.

but I have never heard of Guy's night :-(

But I love happy hours!

Lal said...

Guys should fight for free entry too! This is also discrimination for guys on the basis of sex :-))

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

They won't! They will even pay to get into to just look at the girls :-)

Lal said...

That's exactly one of the reasons why girls are given free passes - to be looked and stared at, dance with, feel and touched at - by guys. Bottom line - girls are just for that.

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

I have to agree.Actually, girls lik to be looked and starred given that you do not cross the threshold.

Lal said...

So very right. :-)) Girls are so damn funnily hilarious. They don't like to be stared at, but at the same time, they like to be stared at! All the sexy clothes they wear...its not just for themselves or the other girl to stare at, but for the eyes of boys! But the funny thing here is that, guys (count me in!) don't look at the clothes, they look at the bulge and the skin. :-))

Awzzman said...

Pu Lal good post!! hey u saw some beautiful Mizo gals? hehee!! i do wana see it...!! in ladies nite gals too have unlimited free drinks..not only free entry...!!

nga ti nge kan thiante(nula/tlangval)phairam ah rawn chhuk thar hlim te hian PUB a kal hi an chak em em thin? PUB kalchak na hian kan sahal ni ber in ka hria, 1week pawh awm hma in city a PUB hming chu hre kim vek Nula an awm nawk.....!!! kan rilru hi tlem a thlak dang lam deuh chu a ngai...tin PUB kal tih mai vanga ruih em em hi chu sim a hun tawh khawpmai, rui kher loh pawh hian fun a neih theih tih hi i hre thar leh ang u.ka lawm e.

apatea said...

Guys i think its time we fight for our EQUAL rights!!! :-D

Anonymous said...

hmm... good for girls... too bad for boys (^^p)

Why don't you make an exclusive pub, free for boys, fee for girls... if you succeed make your pub famous... maybe the rest will follow you


,.-*'oo'*-.,_Chronicles of Trisna_,.-*'oo'*-.,

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah... you lived at ND?
I enjoy my nights staying at ND (^^,)