22 July 2008

Slaughter house for dogs

You must have heard of the ruckus created over the killing of a dog by one PhD researcher at his hostel room in Jawaharlal Nehru University along with two of his friends and a group of animal rights activists marching inside the JNU campus seeking punishment against the "animal rights abuser".

According to the Indian Express report, the incident occurred around 2 am on the morning of 8 July, 2008 (my birthday!). The report said a complaint was made to the JNU authorities, and the student was fined Rs. 2,000 for torturing and killing the dog and had been expelled from the hostel. I don't think the student was fined because he and his friends tortured and killed the dog. I don't think they tortured the dog either. By most probability he was fined because of the presence of two of his other friends in his hostel room.

According to some JNU students, when the student opened his door after being asked, the dog was lying dead in a pool of blood with its head smashed with iron rods and and its limbs dismembered.

The funny part of the report was that the scholar in his letter of apology to the authorities put forth "self-defense" as the reason as the motive for the killing. Well, that's bullshit, especially for dog-eaters from North East India (not all the people from the Northeast consume dog-meat though. Even many individuals of a supposedly dog-eating communities do not eat it). The bottom-line for the killing was this - they meant to eat the dog! LMAO! I just can't stop laughing at the excuse word used - self-defense. :-D

I am wondering whether they are really professional dog killers. I am not either! I have never killed or try to kill one in my lifetime as yet. But yes, I find dog meat really tasty. Of course there is a certain way of preparing and cooking it. Do you know that Dog Meat is one of the most expensive meat in some part of the Northeast is considered such a delicacy that most preferred it over other meat such as beef, pork, chicken or fish? :-D

I found this email message I received from one Northeast guy in response to the incident at JNU really interesting (no comments though):

I protest the way in which the dog was killed. They should have used a solid iron rod, not a hollow one. Their style of killing was sloppy, the most ethical and efficient method is for one person to grab the muzzle of the dog-this prevents the dog from whining and minimizes the chance of being bitten. Only one swift blow to the head is normally required. Never do this in an inebriated state. Drink the whiskey after the dog is in the pressure cooker.

In an emergency, fill a bucket with water and dunk the head of the dog in the bucket. Hold on tight and beware of flying shit. This emergency method is very messy, i advise drinking the whiskey before the dog is in the pressure cooker.

As for the cooking part, I find the Hmars' traditional method of cooking dog meat the best (though I haven't tasted those prepared by other communities or other countries). The aroma is great, well-cooked and chilly hot. Yummy! Just thinking of it is making my mouth watery!!

Going back to the JNU dog incident, group of animal rights activists (Welfare and Protection of Animals) marched inside the JNU campus on July 16, demanding punishment against the PhD scholar and alleging that he did it for fun. I don't think the killing of the dog was part of any fun at all. As mentioned earlier, the only logical reason for the killing was to consume it.

Stray dogs in the capital city is increasingly turning into a menace for the city. Last year, the Delhi High Court even directed the City Government and civic bodies to take steps to clear parks, roads and streets of them. One Municipal Councilor from New Delhi also proposed before a standing committee to send Delhi's half a million stray dogs to Korea, as they are fond of dog meat.

Why Korea when you can send them to a nearer location, that too inside India itself! Why not select the sterilized and immunized stray dogs from the capital city and export them over to some of the States in the Northeast where they considered it a delicacy and where there is already a shortage of it due to which the price has also risen? Saying that, if there is a breeding house for dog, it will really be profitable. Also, if there is slaughter house for pig, cow, chicken, and fish, why not state-of-the-art slaughter house for dog?

And I just can't stop laughing at this candlelight rally at Jantar Mantar against the killing of a stray dog by a student in JNU on July 7.

WTF! Candlelight Rally for the killing of the dog at JNU! LMAO!

What about holding a Candlelight Rally for the killed
innocent civilians by the Indian Army and Insurgent groups in the Northeast?


Awzzman said...

what about holding meira rally for being called Chinkys..!!

how`s Uisa taste like?

luliana said...

"candlelight rally at Jantar Mantar against the killing of a stray dog by a student in JNU on July 7."....ROFL

John said...

Nice write-up.

Jerusha said...

Is that guy's email about how to kill a dog supposed to be a joke?!! I am shocked to see how people can still joke about an issue like this, and even more shocked at how far we can go and all that our paltry human mind can come up with, to justify things that are obviously wrong but are too fond of to let go of - and on top of that make it "seemingly" logical, reasonable, or even acceptable.

I am north-east and chinky through and through, and I have never been ashamed of being one, but damn, if it was me who had walked in to that room, and saw those sights, I would've done everything I can to make his fine heavier, and his punishment more severe! We're not cannibals for Christ's sake, we are civilized people wearing designer clothes and branded shoes and expensive fragrances!~ All that and dog eating- yech!

Anyway, wrong or not - let's give people a chance to change their minds about us, admire us even. Not the frigging other way round!

(Sorry for the ranting Lal - something I feel very strongly about, you understand it's not directed towards any particular person).

Rka said...

Uisa ei hi enge maw an sawisel peih em em le? kei pawh Lal, hmar ho siam dan hi tui ka ti, mahse a thak deuh mai pawh a. Mizoram ah hi chuan phuihnam nen an ti deuh kher zel a, a tel lo hian a tui hlei hlei. A chhum tawpin a tui lo tih te chu tih mai mai, a hang in a chak tha ting. Wiki ah hman deuh he news ka hriat tirh khan ka en a, uisa ei hi an lo tam ve khawp mai, a thatna te pawh an lo hre viau mai. Zothanpuia hi a naupan laiin a mit a liam a, a thi dawn emaw an ti tawh a, ui an talh a, a tuihaw hmasa no khat an intir a, tlai dar 4 velah hian. Zan dar 7 ah chuan a zuang leh auh auh tawh. Kei pawh hi hman deuh khan ka dam lo va, ka pu hi thisen sang nei, uisa damdawia hmang a nia, a uisa tui haw hmasa mi in tir a no 1, KA DAM. Ka zak lo ka zak ngai hek lo. Mizo pakhat chu a sa ei thin reng pawh vai ho bulah a zep then a ni awm e. a mihrin loh thlak ka ti deuh. Mahni nihna hi zahpui loh a tha.

Animal activist, sa ei miah lo hi tha ka ti riua a, an thil protect, or protest nen a inhmeh bik. Mizoram-a mi te hi chu inrinni a vawksa lei hnem2 an ni thin.

Chakai te, sangha te, thingthupui te, chingit etc hi ka ei duh bik lo. Min an ei avangin ka protest vak vak lo. Chakai ran zingah pawh mahni a kal pawh kal tha thei lo a nung chung lehnghal han chhum tlat mai te hi a.... a dik bik amawn le? thil nung, pathianin a duh taka a siam a ni lawm ni, domestic animal te pawh hi. Mi 1 in Bonsai pawh hi nang ni ta la i duh ang em? thil nung ve bawk thang tura Pathian siam hetia lo sawisak vak hi a Pathian thu lo, a ti ve tlat. Ngaihdan thui tak ka nei. thil hi point of view kiltin a tam thei khawp mai.