26 August 2008

NewsRack - An Excellent News Archiver

I have been using this fabulous news archiver NewsRack for more than a year now. If you are a Newshound like me, tracking and monitoring topic/issue-based news, you got to tryout this tool even if filtering/defining methods is confusing at first. It would nevertheless makes your news hounding life so much much easier.

NewsRack is a tool/service for classifying, filing, and long-term archiving of news. Users specify filtering rules which are used to select relevant articles from incoming news feeds. The selected articles are then classified into various categories. This process is similar to the process of specifying email filters to pre-sort incoming mail into various folders.

NewsRack was developed by Subramanya Sastry, a Computer Sciences doctorate from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

The following are the 'issues' that I created. Other than those created by me, there are many other 'issues' which other users like me had also created. Each of the 'issues' has an RSS feed too which makes life more easy to cope with. ;-)

Assam News
Hmar News
Manipur News
Meghalaya News
Mizoram News
Nagaland News
PDS Manipur
Sikkim News
Tripura News

Please note, NewsRack is not without some bugs.


mnowluck said...

will check that out.. interesting.. !!

Tawia Pachuau said...


illusionaire said...

Lemme try it too. What happens if we want to create a new issue and an issue already exists with the same name?